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Porsche sales exec in Aberdeen pledges to keep working despite terminal cancer diagnosis

A saleswoman in Aberdeen has pledged to continue working for the business she loves, despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Di Winstone is a sales executive at Porsche Centre Aberdeen, part of the Peter Vardy Group, and has received hundreds of messages of support on social media when she revealed her tragic situation to the world.

Three months ago, she was given the shattering news that it was likely she had just 12-18 months to live.

The 47-year-old had previously overcome breast cancer, but a check-up this year found that she’d developed Angiosarcoma, a very rare form cancer which is secondary to the disease and treatment, with only a one-in-five chance of survival.

She told Car Dealer: ‘I knew from when I first heard those figures the chances weren’t good, but I felt fine in myself, I still do.

‘My work is really important to me. I adore the product and love the brand, plus I work with a great team.

Di Winstone

‘I don’t see why I shouldn’t continue to work. I feel fit to work and am very passionate about what I do.’

‘Work is an amazing distraction, I think, for anyone who goes through an illness. When I step in that door at work it’s left behind.’


The mother-of-two would now like to encourage more women to consider joining the automotive industry.

She applied for a job with the sales team at Porsche Aberdeen two years ago but explained that at the time she didn’t think she’d get the job.

That was partly because she’d come from working in property with no motor trade experience but also because she’s a woman.

‘I’d like to encourage more women to join the motor trade,’ she said.

‘Don’t think that it’s not a door that’s not open to you. I’d encourage those women who’ve got a desire to work in it to go for it.

‘I was 45 when I made the switch – maybe a midlife crisis! So what if it is, go for it.’

Now she’s making the most of enjoying every day and has been ticking some important things off her bucket list despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

Before Germany was removed from the UK’s travel corridor list, she was able to visit the Nürburgring with her husband and two sons, both of whom are also in the motor trade.

She said being driven by a professional on the track in a Porsche GT3 RS was ‘just incredible’ and the ‘best experience’.

She added: ‘The alternative is to be angry, miserable and sad, and that’s not going to do me, my family or my colleagues any favours.

‘This is what I’ve chosen. Carry on working, be happy everyday and do what you want to do!’ she said.

Winstone said she would like to thank her managers and team at Porsche Centre Aberdeen for being incredibly supportive, along with the overwhelming messages of support from all who know her.

For more information on dealing with cancer or to make a donation to a charity that has seen donations drop during the pandemic, visit Cancer Research UK here.

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